Andy Nowland and Page Nowland

"Prominent's Nutrition Program was a great experience"

Andy Nowland and Page Nowland

Overall Prominent’s Nutrition Program was a great experience and definitely saw the benefits!

Best advice we can give is plan, plan, plan and drink LOTS of water!  The more prepared you are for meals/snacks the less likely you will be to just eat “whatever”!  We would meal prep all lunches and snacks for the week on Sunday and have dinners planned for each night.

The first week was the most work ensuring we met our macros!  After that it became easier to get into a pattern with when/what to eat.  We kept our lunches consistent throughout the 4 weeks so it made it easier.

We attended 4-5 CFP classes a week.  We both noticed a difference with the amount of energy we had with our evening classes.

I don’t think it would have worked as well if only one of us participated in the challenge so glad we did it together!

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