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Standards:  Nutrition is the foundation for superior workout performance. That’s why Driven Nutrition® uses only the latest cutting-edge science to fuel its complex formulas, giving you the highest grade of muscle pumping energy. Driven’s™ team of dedicated experts have carefully designed its supplements to increase muscle fiber, boost energy levels, promote optimal muscle recovery and enhance mental acuity. Driven™ takes a multifaceted approach to nutrition, focusing on muscles, joints, bones, cartilage, cardiovascular system, metabolic system, immune system, testosterone, brain, digestive system, proper rest and energy levels.

Xendurance products are tested and built to improve athletes of all walks of life.

Almost all Xendurance products are “Tested For Banned Substances" by LGC, and have received certification by both & INFORMED-SPORT and INFORMED-CHOICE. LGC Sport Science is one of the world's premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivaled and internationally trusted expertise in doping control for sports. LGC has been testing supplements/ingredients for banned substances since 2002 and has an institutional history dating back to 1842.