Group classes led by a certified coach

In it’s true definition Functional Fitness is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” But, in it’s practical, everyday life application definition, it’s hands-on fitness at it finest.

Good Functional Fitness is where the coaches are experts in fitness and care about you and your fitness journey, and they invest themselves in helping you reach your goals. Functional Fitness is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But, fair warning, once you try it, you may never want to go to the “other gyms” again!

  • Vanessa Miles's success story


    Hey guys - I wanted to shoot y’all a quick message. After being gone from Prominent for a couple of months due to moving to Leesburg and joining a new gym over there, I wanted to let you know how valuable the environment y’all have created rea...

    Vanessa Miles

    1 Year year(s) at Prominent

  • Alicia Bryan's success story

    Competition is motivating to stay on track

    What did I like? Liked this challenge much better than the one we did last year-more engaging (not just check-in on day 1 and check-out on day 45), accountability (daily and weekly), and like the whiteboard competition atmosphere (competition is motivati...

    Alicia Bryan

  • Andy Nowland and Page Nowland's success story

    Prominent's Nutrition Program was a great experience

    Overall Prominent's Nutrition Program was a great experience and definitely saw the benefits! Best advice we can give is plan, plan, plan and drink LOTS of water!  The more prepared you are for meals/snacks the less likely you will be to just eat “w...

    Andy Nowland and Page Nowland


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Class Options

  • Fitness Membership (3-month commitment):$175 per month
  • Fitness Month to Month: $195per month
  • Online Training for all ages: $75 per month

All memberships (except Online Training) include an MZ-1 belt at the price of $75 paid at the set up of membership.

Private Coaching

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Personal Training Options starting at $100 per hour.

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